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Proven Results for DeKalb County

As I drive the Memorial Drive corridor, I am inspired with great vision 4 DeKalb County. You see, DeKalb has everything we need to produce a brighter future for all of our residents. So, let me tell you why I'm inspired to drive DeKalb forward and why I am inviting you to join the CARAVAN FOR CHANGE and take this drive with me.

Take A Ride With Gabrielle Rogers
a Caravan For Change…

Together we will Drive DeKalb upwards to
that offers:

Economic Development




On the Caravan
For Change, we will...

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Drive Towards Greater Entrepreneurial Development And Employment Creation

By simplifying the process for starting a business and supporting economic development for business owners that live in the district.

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Drive Through A

Diverse County

with housing that attracts a broad range of residents as we provide and develop communities that provide diverse affordable housing options, more protections for renters and stronger regulations for landlords and investors.

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Drive Over The

Economic Downturn

that has ushered us from our prosperous past and pushed prosperity itself further away from those who work hard to attain it by increasing the county’s minimum wage, advocate for government-supported training and employment opportunities and industry supported training and employment opportunities.

Car All.png

Drive Against The Increased Crime Levels

that threaten DeKalb residents by strengthening our county's public safety infrastructure. I'm calling on the State of Georgia and our Public Safety Community to redirect state funds to support local public safety initiatives. Our citizens shall not have weapons more powerful than their local protecting agency or police department. Together, we will create crime prevention through mental health and substance abuse awareness.

Why I'm Running

My passion for speaking up for those that are unable to speak for themselves prompted me to accept a position as a Marketing Sales Director at a major entertainment holding company in metro Atlanta. I managed millions of dollars to successfully create job opportunities, increase minimal wages and offer medical benefits to hourly wage workers. During the 2020 pandemic, the need for advocates in our community began to grow exponentially. I resigned from my position in marketing to reassign my energy and expertise to the organizations that support sustainability and revitalization of opportunities in our community.



Take this drive with me and let’s engage our collective vision to reimagine DeKalb County by showing all of Georgia and even the world that… if it lives and breathes, it can be found in DeKalb County. Together, we'll demonstrate that it only takes drive to realize positive change.


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